Is it time for you to discover the path to the birth you’ve been dreaming of?

Is it time for you to be free of what’s holding you back?

Work with Lia

I’m Lia Tamary, a midwife (MSM), doula, childbirth educator, energy intuitive

and your guide for pregnancy & birth.

I am here to support your journey of conscious pregnancy & birthing,

to embody your power, align with your truth,

and deepen your connection with your own intuition and guidance.

I offer private sessions, courses (soon!), and free intuitive guidance videos via my YouTube channel YouTube/birthandbecoming

About Lia Tamary Baz


I combine years of consciousness exploration, meditation, and listening to inner guidance, with 10 years of birth work as a midwife (MS in Midwifery), and certified childbirth educator + doula. I’ve guided hundreds of families through the life-changing rite of passage of birth, and now assist people in healing, integrating, birthing new levels of consciousness, and connecting with their intuition.

My deepest work lies in helping others come home within. I believe that we are all guided by higher consciousness, and that we have access within us to information that can help us heal our past, and integrate the parts of us that remain unconscious, so that we can become whole and live our purposeful life to our fullest potential.

I work with both pregnant and non-pregnant people. My offerings include an online course called Birth & Becoming (soon to be available on-demand!), designed specifically to assist parents in cultivating intuition for pregnancy and birth, as well ad 1-on-1 sessions for conscious people looking to expand their awareness, receive clarity for their path, and deepen their connection with the guidance within.

We are all on a journey to awaken to our true potential, to expand, and to live our life as soulful creators – it’s my joy and purpose in life to explore these realms and assist others on their unique journey!

I spent the past 12 years in deep consciousness exploration, learning from wise teachers, meditating, and listening to inner guidance. In 2016 I had my first undeniable encounter with my guides in non-physical and I have been deepening into this profound relationship since. I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of the importance of re-integrating all the parts of us that have become separate from our whole in order to heal. I beleive that our own narrative, the flow in our energy body (or lack of), our vibration, and our soul connection all play into our lived experience. I use a variety of practices to help my clients remember their power, their capacity to love, and the limitless beings that they are.

Spirit Work

My fascination with mindfulness, meditation, and consciousness exploration began back in 2008. I spent 6 months in India teaching English to Tibetan refugees, and was invited to a silent Buddhist meditation retreat. I was captivated with the practice of finding stillness and spaciousness of mind. I have since explored and practiced a wide variety of mindfulness and meditation methods, with many different teachers. My teachings use both silent and guided meditations, somatic techniques, visualizations, journaling exercises, working with the energy body, and using intuition to reach the roots of what we are experiencing.

Birth Work

I began my path of birth work in 2010, when I had the great fortunate of participating in a doula certification program that was taught in London by Dr. Michel Odent himself. Deeply moved by his approach, I went on to spend a year supporting Sudanese refugee women as a doula in Tel-Aviv. In 2011 I was certified as a childbirth educator at the esteemed Bastyr University near Seattle, where I later on obtained my Bachelor and Master of Science in Midwifery.

I soon started a private practice in WA state, and have since realized my deep desire to pursue my soul purpose to assist others in healing and awakening, which is how you found me!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m grateful to be walking this path alongside you, with love.