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Birth & Becoming : : Private 1-on-1 Coaching (mentoring)

  • 6 Sessions 75 minute “Zoom” video calls:
    • 3 private sessions during pregnancy
    • 3 private sessions postpartum
    • Plenty of time to learn, practice, and go deep
    • Live meditations and mindfulness exercises
  • Phone Support between sessions:
    • 3 – 20 min check-in calls as needed, because I know things can come up and I want to be there for you!
  • Learn the 6 pillars of Birth & Becoming (see below):
    • Experience feeling ease, calm, and centered
    • Arrive at your birth confident and peaceful
    • Your roadmap to the birth you’re dreaming of
    • Start your journey into parenthood with strong foundations to your whole being
  • Receive private guidance from me, tailored specifically for you on things that are coming up in your right now surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum – such as:
    • Processing fears and doubts
    • Relieving stress & anxiety
    • Any issue you’re experiencing in a relationship and with boundaries
    • An emotional experience that is impacting you
    • Understanding your needs and desires and how to meet them in pregnancy, birth, and beyond!
    • Guidance through making difficult choices
    • Anything else that you are feeling called to tend …
  • Benefit from my 10 years of experience as a doula & midwife, and education of MS in Midwifery:
    • Professional advice for decision making
    • Wide range of reliable resources and recommendations
What are the 6 pillars of the Birth & Becoming Course journey?
  • Mindfulness – mindfulness within, mindfulness of your environment, and with your pregnancy and baby. Learn practices and rituals that will set the tone for a calm and mindful pregnancy and birth.
  • Intuition – connecting with your intuition, learn to identify it, work with it, trust it and follow your own guidance. Learn to stay in your center no matter what, create healthy boundaries, and trust yourself.
  • Consciousness – becoming aware of your fears, thoughts, stories, beliefs about birth. How were they shaped and how are they shaping your life now as a result? I’ll support you in releasing what doesn’t serve you so you can feel confident, peaceful, and empowered.
  • Healing – learning to tend to the emotional and physical roots of your pain – healing the emotional body, and working with the consciousness of the body to heal physical pain or discomfort, find relief and ease.
  • Creation – how to get clear on your needs, truth, and vision for your birth (and for parenthood!). Learn how to embody those beyond the birth plan, and step into your vision with clarity and confidence.
  • Sacred Birth – get in the flow with your sacred birth! Learn about birth stage much deeper than just physical changes, choose your birth team, and take a deep dive into my SURF method, a uniquely crafted method to help you focus consciously on the things that really matter for the unfolding of your dream birth ~ give birth with confidence, peace, empowered to do it YOUR WAY!

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Birth Integration Session

Online via Zoom – 90 min

This session is for people who could benefit from a deep processing and integration of their birth experience. As a midwife and doula (10 years of birth experience), I know the importance of integrating a birth experience and have processed many birth experiences with clients over the years.

This session is meant to help you:

  • Make sense of the birth unfolding
  • Become aware of the triggers you might be carrying and understand why you are experiencing them
  • Integrate and heal the difficult parts of the experience so you can become more whole again

We’ll talk, breathe, feel the energy, connect with the body, ask questions, go deep within to allow your intuition to guide your healing, and integrate what is asking to be integrated. If you wish to review your birth records, let me know in advanced, that can be a part of the process.

If this sounds supportive for you, please contact me via the ‘Connect’ form, or send an email.

What is it like to work with Lia Tamary?

Rachel L.

My session with Lia Tamary was one of the most profoundly healing, peaceful experiences of my spiritual life; though the work was deep and the truths challenging, she filled the space with love and a powerfully still presence. She held compassionate witness for all my selves, and guided me through my tears and laughter to a place within full of radiant light, infused with the endless love of the Universe itself. This session changed how I view my life, myself, my past and present and future and my place within it all.

Journeying with Lia Tamary and her sweet soul was a blessing I look forward to repeating.

Sarah B.

I felt so safe with Lia Tamary, from the moment we started our session. It was just very clear that she wanted to understand my experience and that she was also very dropped in to her intuition and compassion. I trusted what was flowing through her as a reflection and support for me, she was a very clear and grounded conduit for very deep feminine love and wisdom.

I’ve been feeling very lonely and challenged before our session to try and anchor myself, and this session gave me the feeling of anchoring in that my experience is valid, real, and I am seen. I felt her unshakable faith that I have everything that I need to get through this. She helped me gain more insight into my past self and see myself more clearly, so that I can release and transform.

Lia Tamary is a midwife for transformations that go far beyond the physical birth of beings. I think the world is in dire need for the work that she is offering, I definitely felt thirsty for it and felt that I got to drink from a sweet fresh spring during our session.

Christa M.

We were struck by her from the beginning. She was a powerful force in the room- full of love, compassion, knowledge and strength. She made me feel safe and supported instantly. I trusted her completely. Lia Tamary is a very special person. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND. She believed in my power and called on my strength. I felt overwhelmed with love and gratitude for her during the whole experience.