This is a Journey of Becoming

Becoming a portal for another soul to come through

Becoming aligned with who you really are

Beloved, Birth & Becoming in an invitation to connect deep within…

to come back to what we knew long ago –

that pregnancy and birth are a rite of passage, and a sacred experience.

This is a journey for conscious parents who are looking for a holistic and deep way to prepare for birthing – tending to the emotional, spiritual, and energetic realms of your being.

An empowering birth begins long before the first contraction.

It begins with you, from within.

How Is This Different From Regular Childbirth Education?

We all arrive at pregnancy and birth with stories, expectations, hopes, dreams, fears, worries, needs, and energies we’ve collected along our life path.

In our society there’s a tendency to see birth as a separate event on the continuum of our emotional-spiritual experience of life. We tend to think it is influenced mostly by factors outside of ourselves (birth location, providers, etc.)

But the truth is… the most important and meaningful encounter we’ll have during birth is with ourselves.

We birth the way we live.

If you look at the childbirth education world you’ll find that the focus is mostly on the physical body (nutrition, exercise, birth positions, breathing, movement, etc.).

of course those are all important. But the body isn’t all of our being.

The body, emotion, and mind (physical-soul-spirit) are one.

Preparing for birth emotionally, mentally, and energetically are as important as the physical preparation.

And this is my invitation for you.


We Do Things Differently


If you look at the childbirth education world you’ll find that the focus is mostly on the physical body (nutrition, exercise, birth positions, creating, movement, etc.).

of course those are all important. But the body isn’t all of our being.

The body, emotion, and mind (physical-soul-spirit) are one.

Preparing for birth emotionally, mentally, and energetically are as important as the physical preparation.

And this is my invitation for you.


Through a uniquely crafted process that includes meditations, energy practices, deep inquiry journaling, visioning, the wisdom of the circle, and ancient teachings, the Birth & Becoming journey was designed to offer you:


Radical awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and how to create from a place of love and coherence, and not fear

༄ Understanding your own unique generational & societal imprints surrounding birth

༄ Tools to integrate, heal and work with your emotional body that will serve you for life

༄ Deep connection with the soul of your growing baby

༄ Understanding your unique desires and needs, what’s driving them, and how to communicate them

༄ A deep understanding of the birthing journey and how to support an uninhibited flow in all aspects – physical, emotionally and mental (body – soul – spirit)

༄ Connection with your own guidance, feeling EMPOWERED to make intuitive decisions with confidence, that are aligned with your own truth

༄ Tools to clear energy, access deeper states of consciousness, work with the consciousness of the body to release and thrive

༄ Find peace, feel grounded, and learn how to come back to your center in your every day

༄ Communicating with partner and birth team before and during birth

༄ Create a ritual for your birth journey

Support Matters.

Trying to navigate these precious months with everything that’s coming up for you, plus the barrage of opinions, recommendations, and pressure can feel overwhelming, and sometimes even stressful, anxious, and confusing.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve been supporting families through the rite of passage for birth for over 10 years, and I’m here to walk this journey with you.


Why Choose Birth & Becoming?

Pregnancy and birth are an opportunity to dive deep into your own being, deepening your mindfulness practice, connecting with your own intuition, healing and becoming aware of your beliefs, thoughts, fears, and stories…

The more aware we become of the forces that drive us, the better we become at making decisions that support us, and the more able we are to meet ourselves in a loving compassionate way when it really matters – in the birth space.

You will emerge on the other side with deeper trust in your understanding of birth and your own power, feeling in-tune with your body and baby, at peace with your experience, and confident in your choices.

This is the place you can truly and powerfully step into the birth you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you hearing the call?

What Is It Like To Work With Tamary?

Rachel L.

Working with Tamary was one of the most profoundly healing, peaceful experiences of my spiritual life; though the work was deep and the truths challenging, she filled the space with love and a powerfully still presence. Tamary held compassionate witness for all my selves, and guided me through my tears and laughter to a place within full of radiant light, infused with the endless love of the Universe itself. This session changed how I view my life, myself, my past and present and future and my place within it all.

Journeying with Tamary and her sweet soul was a blessing I look forward to repeating.

Sarah B.

I felt so safe with Tamary, from the moment we started our session. It was just very clear that she wanted to understand my experience and that she was also very dropped in to her intuition and compassion. I trusted what was flowing through her as a reflection and support for me, she was a very clear and grounded conduit for very deep feminine love and wisdom.

I’ve been feeling very lonely and challenged before our session to try and anchor myself, and this session gave me the feeling of anchoring in that my experience is valid, real, and I am seen. I felt her unshakable faith that I have everything that I need to get through this. She helped me gain more insight into my past self and see myself more clearly, so that I can release and transform.

Tamary is a midwife for transformations that go far beyond the physical birth of beings. I think the world is in dire need for the work that she is offering, I definitely felt thirsty for it and felt that I got to drink from a sweet fresh spring during our session.

Stephanie M.

I will never forget Tamary’s incredible care and the amazing support I felt when I home-birthed my son. I felt safe and protected in her care, and also felt a level of respect and love that truly helped me find the strength and courage to make it through a very long and often difficult labor.

Tamary’s positive energy and knowledge of how to support, care for, and understand pregnant mamas greatly helped me to have a positive, meaningful, and absolutely memorable birth experience.

Christa M.

We were struck by her from the beginning. She was a powerful force in the room- full of love, compassion, knowledge and strength. She made me feel safe and supported instantly. I trusted her completely. Tamary is a very special person. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND. She believed in my power and called on my strength. I felt overwhelmed with love and gratitude for her during the whole experience.

Beth T.

I can’t say enough about our wonderful experience. Tamary was so knowledgeable, caring, and patient as I asked questions and voiced concerns. I always felt I was in the best of care with her, and I was totally supported by her compassionate demeanor. She truly has a gift for this work. I can’t thank her enough for being a part of this most meaningful journey.

While reading books and taking classes about the mechanics of birth can be valuable during pregnancy, it shouldn’t be the only way we prepare to cross this life-changing threshold.

Birth is so much more than a physical process ruled by hormones, dilation, and positions…

Birth is a rite of passage. It’s sacred. It’s a journey of a new soul emerging into the world.

You are a magnificent portal made of a lot more than just flesh and bones.

Pregnancy is an extremely potent time for noticing your intuitions, exercising your sovereignty, and transforming your being from within.

Who Is This Journey For?

Conscious women who are pregnant (at any gestational age)

༄ You feel the call to connect within and align body, soul, and spirit. Playful curiosity, loving-kindness, and an open mind are encouraged!

༄ You can be totally new to mindfulness, meditation, and energy work or have been practicing for years. This journey is for everybody who feels the calling!

༄ You are desiring to connect with a circle of pregnant people who like you, are ready to dive deep, grow, and expand

༄ It does NOT matter where you’re planning to birth your baby (or babies), if you have an OBGYN or a midwife, if you gave birth before, etc. We hold this space with no judgment, I believe there’s no one way to give birth.

༄ We value inclusivity, knowing that there is no right or wrong way to BE. Whether you identify as a woman or not, I use both ‘pregnant woman’ and ‘pregnant people’ to accommodate for both. Our community is open to all regardless of the ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender you identify with. This circle is a safe space, and you are welcome here.

Ready to explore working together? Click the button to schedule a call with Tamary!

Begin The Journey of Birth & Becoming

At this time Birth & Becoming is offered in English in private mentorship only – click here for the details!

The group journey of Birth & Becoming is currently offered in Hebrew only, an online group in English is planned for 2023

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